Full-scale applications


Prof. Bill F. Spencer, Jr.

Prof. Gul Agha


The ISHMP provides the following guides as means of helping users who are new to the Imote2 and associated operating systems and languages get started using the system. It is assumed that the user does not have an extensive background in computer science or the civil engineering theory behind the algorithms. Instead, the assumption is that the user is familiar with basic Windows operation and has a desire for a smart health monitoring system that can be installed easily by most civil engineers.

For New Users

The ISHMP Getting Started Guide for New Users: Programming the ISHMP Toolsuite V3.0.0 and Collecting Data with Imote2 is designed for new users who have Imote2s that are configured with the TinyOS boot loader and have the ISM400 (formerly the SHM-A) sensor board. This guide will instruct new users on how to configure Imotes2s to use the RemoteSensing application from the Illinois Structural Health Monitoring Project (ISHMP) Services Toolsuite Version 3.0.0 and how to acquire data with the Imote2 smart sensor platform using the ISM400 sensor board.

For Advanced Users and Developers

These guides are intended for those that require more functionally than provided in the version of the ISHMP Services Toolsuite supplied for the New Users installation. Additionally, any user who wishes to expand the functionality or customize the software will need to follow the guides in this section. The two guides in this section, which should be completed in order, instruct the user how to setup the Imote2 enviroment on a PC, install the ISMHP Services Toolsuite, and use a network of Imote2s installed with the ISHMP Services Toolsuite.

Additional Guides and Tutorials

These guides provide users additional support in setting up a network of Imote2s that have calibrated ISM400 (formerly SHM-A) sensor boards to collect data. The ISM400 Datasheet and User's Guide provides information on the ISM400 sensor board and its performance statistics. The Calibration Guide for Wireless Sensors will help the user determine the calibration constants for each of their ISM400 and Imote2 pairs. The NSEL report Decentralized Strategies for Monitoring Structures using Wireless Smart Sensor Networks provides a tutorial on how to program using the ISHMP library to create new applications for your Imote2s. The ISM400 Advanced Users Guide provides information on temperature calibration and correction, sampling rate selection, and filter design with the ISM400