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Prof. Bill F. Spencer, Jr.

Prof. Gul Agha

ISHMP Getting Started for Advanced Users and Developers

Last updated on February 9, 2011 for the ISHMP Services Toolsuite 3.0.0.

This series of guides is intended for those that require more functionally than provided in the version of the ISHMP Services Toolsuite supplied for the New Users installation. Additionally, any user who wishes to expand the functionality or customize the software will need to follow the guides in this section. The two guides in this section, which should be completed in order, are:

The Getting Started for Advanced Users and Developers guide will help the user setup the Imote2 and the PC environment, install the ISHMP library, and test applications. In a new install, this guide should be completed in its entirety. The other guide, Imote2 for Structural Health Monitoring: User's Guide, provides a tutorial on how to use a network of Imote2s installed with the ISHMP Services Toolsuite for SHM.

Getting Started for Advanced Users and Developers

Download the Getting Started for Advanced Users and Developers guide (pdf)

This document will guide you through the process of installing and configuring the development environment for the Imote2 wireless smart sensor produced by MEMSIC and also installing and configuring the Illinois Structural Health Monitoring Project (ISHMP) Toolsuite. The programming environment for the Imote2 is based on TinyOS 1.x, using Cygwin on a Windows platform. While some programming knowledge is required to create new Imote2 programs, this guide assumes no such background and should be suitable for end-users of Imote2 applications as well as application developers. The ISHMP Toolsuite, which will be installed onto the Imote2s, comprises open source middleware services, sample applications, and tools to monitor structures with a dense network of Imote2 smart sensors.

Following the instructions in this guide will help the user to:

  • installing the software needed to work with the Imote2
  • connecting the Imote2 to the computer
  • interfacing with the Imote2
  • Install the ISHMP Services Toolsuite.
  • Run a test application using an Imote2 and an attached sensor board.

To complete this guide, please download the ISHMP Services Toolsuite, version 3.0.0 [TGZ] [ZIP]

Following the steps outlined in this guide takes anywhere from two hours - if you have a fast internet connection and encounter no problems - to a full day's work. Reading and following the instructions carefully will help the user to install the environment and the toolsuite quickly, while trying to move through the instructions hastily will likely cause the user to miss a small step that will delay the installation as they try to figure out what went wrong.

The current version of these instructions includes a new initial step that was created to address some of the problems that users have encountered when installing the Imote2 environment. This step also introduces the various programs that will be installed and the hardware that will be required. Every computer has different settings and permissions that may cause installation problems members of the Illinois SHM Project have not encountered. The Illinois SHM Project therefore cannot make any guarantees that following these instructions will lead to successful installation of the Imote2 environment or the ISHMP Toolsuite. However, using a computer that runs Windows XP with the latest updates provided by Microsoft will almost guarantee success. Users of Windows Vista may have to follow a few additional steps as outlined in the instructions. The Illinois SHM Project does not recommend using a Mac computer and does not provide additional instructions on installing the environment for them.

The Illinois SHMP Toolsuite software is open source, but not public domain. The toolsuite's license, a copy of which is included at the end of this guide and in the software distribution, allows for unlimited use and modification of the software for non-commercial purposes.

The Illinois SHM Project frequently issues new versions of the software that increases its functionality and improves its performance. To install a new version of the software on to a computer already equipped with the Imote2 environment, follow at least Steps 12 to 14 of this guide. It is advisable to complete Steps 15 and 16 as well just to confirm that the new installation was successful.

This guide was originally created by Kirill Mechitov for the Illinois SHM Project, and is partially derived from the MEMSIC Imote2 install guide. It has since been updated by Shin Ae Jang, Jennifer Rice, Brian Schertz, Ryan Kent Giles, and Nicholas Wierschem.

Imote2 for Structural Health Monitoring: User's Guide

Download Imote2 for Structural Health Monitoring: User's Guide (pdf)

This guide is designed for the general users who want to build basic use a network of Imote2s installed with the ISHMP Services Toolsuite for structural health monitoring (SHM) applications. This guide introduces the user to the wide functionality of the full ISHMP Services Toolsuite and helps user prepare for the deployment of a network. Specifically, this guide will provide instructions on how to:

  • Compile and program the motes
  • Acquire acceleration data from a network of Imote2s
  • Utilize sleep mode for power saving
  • Achieve an autonomous network operation
  • Deploy the Imote2 on full-scale structures
  • Trouble-shoot the network

Multi-hop Communication Guide

Download the Start Guide for Multi-hop Communication (pdf)

This guide provides detailed instructions for setting up and configuring the ISHMP Toolsuite for multi-hop communication. Parameter tuning described in the guide is essential for reliable and efficient operation of the software in multi-hop mode.